Homeschooling Journey Bad Days

The past few weeks has been so tiring for me physically and emotionally. My kids were confined at the hospital due to digestive issues and for the four days hospital stay I got really tired. I can’t sleep through the night with the hospital bed. Few movements and I felt really boxed inside the room. The nurses and doctors doing their rounds of medicine and follow ups. I felt giving up and sneaking some “me” time. Thank God we were released and home medication was advised.

Before our birthday trip for my eldest this coming week, I wanted to finish all our homeschooling assignments and activities so we can enjoy more. Being a 6 year old and turning 7 as she is, she has been giving me an attitude lately and testing my limits in terms of authority. I acknowledge that she is changing and exploring her emotions too. However, this morning as we were finishing up, I wanted to be beside her on our round table so I can also input her grade, I lost it! She continued to disobey as she want to stay at the sofa and do her work. I shouted at her and both of us were challenging each other. Hurting our feelings. As she said, “Mom, you hurt my heart.” She also said, “You’re giving me a headache.”

I believe that this is one of the days that I learn deeply about my child, my parenting and what God is trying to teach me too. This will be a lot of work because fixing these kinds of situation doesn’t happen overnight. We continue to learn from our mistakes, not expecting anything in return and basically enjoying each other.

We ended up hugging each other and answering a few more pages as I input her grades online. Just the way I wanted in the first place.

As I end this, I want to say a prayer to everyone who had the same scenarios:

Lord, I pray that you forgive us and renew our hearts everyday. Give us guidance and light as we continue our homeschooling journey. May this gives joy to You and to our hearts that we give our best to be the best parents to our children. As families who chooses the road less traveled by in education, please continue to embrace and bless us! Amen.

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